Family: Backpacks
Date: 2005

Sling-style bag with Adaptable Payload design, removable shoulder srtap for use with AP Vest (sold separately), interior storage compartments, removable outer pockets (attachable to other bags), rivet venting, dais chain webbing for attaching accessories, contrast topstitching, and label accent. Import.
Black Atlas Camo Print
Dark Fatigue
Dark Red
Military Olive
New Khaki
Sheet Metal

kingphilbert -
The Sandbag was okay, but what happens when you take a more standardized messenger bag and mount it to a Sandbag chest harness is just amazing. I gave my new AP Sandbag the full on test this weekend to get me through an overnight in NYC and the organized space is just great compared to all the dead space in the teardrop shape of the first. The 4 attached pouches are great for smaller items, or removable if not needed. There's a quick access zippered space on the front to store flat items without needing the main compartment. The main bag is split into 3 sections with one dedicated for a 14"-15" laptop and removeable for more interior room. There is an organizer for pens and cards but it could have done better facing front and having slightly deeper slot pockets. The chest strap is detachable, and a harness is hidden inside to attach to rolling AP bags or the vest or snowboard bag. The waist belt is also hidden but I would rather see it zipper in and out (the harness too) as the chest strap does so the hidden rear pocket could be used for more than harness storage. Overall it's an amazing and well organized piece to have if you don't go for traditional backpacks or want a cheaper option for a computer bag.
Just picked up a military olive version. First off, this bag weighs a lot. I can't see how or why it's this heavy.However, it is a really good, tough lookign bag, with plenty of options in regards to carrying. I love the pockets on the front, I'm amazed how much I can squeeze into these. I'm impressed, and I love this colour. Whats next.......
ShadyOak -
Dark Red

This is my daily commuter bag that I have started using in lieu of a back pack. It is also my first Oakley bag. All round I really love this bag, plenty of room for the various crap that I need to haul around, and looks very utilitarian which is cool. The problem I've run into (and the reason for the lost skull) is the buttons that hold the hook for the shoulder strap on, are breaking off. Oakley won't help me whatsoever with it because it's older than 90 days. The velcro is also coming un-stitched from one of the pockets. I will probably fix it because I really like the bag, but I'm a little hesitant to go buy all the other O bags I think look cool, based on the quality of this one.
jumpman73 -
Color: AP Sandbag Black Atlas Camo Print

This is an awesome bag. The design and style looks really cool. I really like the over the shoulder strap. It is comfortable to me and I like how its close to your back and not flopping around like a messenger bag. The atlas camo print looks really cool and its a nice detail to add to a plain black bag. The ability to add AP features and take off pockets is another bonus. Great design and function.
jplacson -
Just a follow up on my Sandbag... I noticed that mine onl has one "loop" for the optional shoulder strap... as did all the other AP Sandbags in the Oakley shop when I bought mine... so I feel kinda I got a defective batch. Anyway... my sandbag is now home to 2 12" laptops which fit in it perfectly. I removed the internal divider to make more room, since each of my laptops has it's own padded sleeve. The outer pockets carry all the accessories and chargers.
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