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Date: May 2005

Asian Fit for those who find that standard eyewear fits insecurely or sits too low on the nose. Our precision frame technologies and lens cutting abilities allow us to use a single continuous lens, mounted flush with the outer surface of the frame. An entirely new design language for Oakley, the definitive styling is matched with the clarity of patented XYZ Optics® to achieve lens contours that extend peripheral vision. Lightweight O Matter® frame material ensures all-day comfort. For protection, the pure Plutonite® lens meets ANSI Z80.3 standards for impact resistance. It also filters out 100% of all ultraviolet and harmful blue light, not just UVA and UVB.
Grey Polarized
Black Cherry
G30 Black Iridium
Pink Latte
Pink Suede
G40 Black Gradient
Polished Black
Black Iridium
Polished White
Black-Clear Gradient
Polished White
Bronze Polarized

Matt SG -
Frame: Brown Tortoise
Lens: Bronze

Tried these on at a store for a full 5 mins on my face while I was yakking away with the store saleperson as to how good these felt and looked compared to the normal fit ones. I'm Asian and I can attest that Asians (I'm Chinese, for a point of reference), should not buy the normal version. The normal fit sees the bridge floating by quite a distance from the bridge of your nose and only the earstems and your cheeks are holding the glasses in place.

The Asian fit version, however, corrects all that and feels close to perfection. A big fashion lens-shield type of sunglass that would make Paris Hilton proud (eeweee....) Guys can definitely pull this one off. This pair would compliment my Oil Drums a lot. But the earstems are a tad thin, compared to the lens and looks a little funny. But that itself takes little away from the great style and look of the Riddle AF. 4.5 skulls.
O-Whores -
Frame: Black Cherry/Brown/Polished White
Lens: G30 Black Iridium/Bronze/Black-Clear Gradient

LOVE THESE! I've always loved the Riddle and still wore the standard pair, especially the Violet Iridium. But I always had to sit them just right so that I wouldn't look like a freak or get really deep marks on my cheeks.

The nosepieces on these are prefect, the frame seems to be quite a bit smaller to make clearance for those damned chipmunk cheeks.

As for the colorways; I never used to be able to pull of the Ducati Riddle because it was just so much white. But I'd honestly have to say that out of all the pairs I tried on I liked the Polished White the best (though that may change by tomorrow).

Another must have for the Asian diva.

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