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Date: May 2005
Our precision frame technologies and lens cutting abilities allow us to use a single continuous lens, mounted flush with the outer surface of the frame. An entirely new design language for Oakley, the definitive styling is matched with the clarity of patented XYZ Optics® to achieve lens contours that extend peripheral vision. Lightweight O Matter® frame material ensures all-day comfort. For protection, the pure Plutonite® lens meets ANSI Z80.3 standards for impact resistance. It also filters out 100% of all ultraviolet and harmful blue light, not just UVA and UVB.
Grey Polarized
Black Cherry
G30 Black Iridium
Pink Latte
Pink Suede
G40 Black Gradient
Polished Black
Black Iridium
Polished Black
Violet Iridium
Polished White
Brown-Clear Gradient
Polished White
Bronze Polarized

Tick -
Frame: Pol. Black
Lens: Violet Iridium
The Riddle took time to grow on me but now I really like the fit (bigger for excellent coverage) & the Violet Iridium lens is just gorgeous & suitable fo a lot of different lighting conditions. The size would be a bit much for smaller faces. Acetate has a little different feel to it. It's difficult to explain but it feels denser but at the same time flexes differently than O Matter. It even sounds different when you open them. The Earstems are a tad too flat & wide for my taste but it's a minor issue
fedrat -
Frame: Pol black
Lens: Black Iridium
Were once a Mens frame, then a Womens, now discontinued. Best looking and fitting Oakleys I've ever found. Shame my child destroyed them.
LuluBrito -
Frame: Ash/Grey
Lens: Polarized
I loved this sunglass very much. I'm a long distance runner, I used it a lot for training and doing one marathon (42km), it fit perfectly in my ears and nose.
Unfortunately the polarized lenses were damaged by use, this model is discontinued, so yesterday I've sent it back to Oakley Brazil and they will return me a Flat Jacket Gold Iridium Polarized.
I've already bought a Radar Path, and I'm enjoying it a lot too.
Jimbo -
Frame: black
Lens: black iridum
I liked these but as other users said the hinge is weak and they are now broken. just contacted oakley to get them replaced and was told they are now discontinued... so not too impressed about that as am now stuck with a useless pair of oakleys with perfect lens' hmmmm.
Tony -
Frame: Polished Black
Lens: Black iridium
Fantastic fit and my favorite everyday sunglasses. I have many designer sunglasses and these not only look good but feel comfortable. Good with shaved head.
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