Family: Backpacks
Date: 2005

Durability of polyester construction with bar tack reinforcement
Comfort of padded back panel & shoulder straps, adjustable chest & waist straps
Versatility of Oakley Adaptable Payload (AP) system that allows you to reconfigure for light or bulky cargo by removing storage components and interconnecting with the Oakley AP Vest or AP Rolling Bag (both sold separately)
Convenience of 1,600 cubic inch capacity, nylon web carry handle, cinch stuff sack compartment, side flap pockets with compression straps and custom D-ring/strap closures, back flap pocket, three standard size clip pouches on each side, and utility attachment loops
Dark Fatigue
Dark Red
New Khaki
Olive Green
Sheet Metal

LiveFastDieYong -
It obviosly looks super cool, but it doesn't have an organizer or a designated place for your cellphone, shades and other small objects. I thought I could deal with that due to the large amount of pockets but honestly most of the time it gets to my nerves, beside I'm afraid of putting valuable staff on the little pockets on the top because they could be easily stolen. It is not as comfortable as it looks, the compression straps don't work that well it should have another compression component at the top, besides it takes to much time to deal with the straps anyway. It looks better and less bulky compare to the 2.0 and 3.0 version but it was not designed for the 21st century. A laptop pocket would have been nice too. Most of the time I feel I have due to its looks rather than funtionability.
Nemesis -
I found this to be an excellent pack on holidays to haul around my camera equipment and jacket. I do like the large cavern for carrying all my stuff. Tough and durable, love the military style hardware. Yes, the bag is a bit over-the-top, but what'd you expect? Quality all the way.
jumpman73 -
Awesome backpack. This bag has many options. I like to use if for all my weekend trips. I wouldn't recommend it for long trips just because it does not carry as big of a load as luggage. I like the small detachable pockets for tolietries. But I'm looking to add the Dop kit. Makes this bag so sweet is all the stuff you can add on or take off depending on that day's use.
skywalker51 -
I just returned from a trip to France for two weeks. I took this bag along with the Large Rolling Duffel and the Dopp Kit 2.0. I used the AP Pack as a carry on and an everyday bag when walking around in France. The bag was very comfortable and was more than capable of holding what I needed. I was able to use the 4 small pouches up top to hold film, two in each. This was very convenient although since I will be soon switching 100% to digital, I will have to find other uses for them. The main compartment was nice to store my camera as well as a jacket on days that it was threatening to rain. It was also big enough to fit things that I bought that I didn't want to be carrying or having the store bag advertising the money I had spent while on the metro. Overall a very good bag with a cool look.
The AP PACK is esthetically much more appealing than the Icon. I am a little sick of pinched fingers from the triple buckle closure system on the icon (although this keeps the load from shifting on you while moving). Granted, the AP Pack might be a little overstated to be carrying some places but I love it. I don't even use 3 of the 4 little black detachable pockets at the top but they look hip so they are staying on. There aren't any specialized pockets (calculator, pens, key holder,etc) like the Icon has though. The only changes to this bag that I would like to see are some of what the Icon has (and vice versa for that matter). It would be nice to have some sort of tie down system securing a load of a few heavy items. As is a single big book might move around a bit as you move. OAKLEY DIRECT CONFIRMED THAT THIS BAG DOES NOT SHIP WITH A WAIST STRAP. Only a chest strap. For heavier loads this bag is slightly less comfortable than the Icon but it still does pretty well. I'd give this a 4.5 if the rating system allowed.
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