Family: O Matter

Ian -
I was the color of my first pair of Pit Boss. Very cool, very understated.
Toniclonic -
Similar to brown smoke. It is darker than brown smoke, and it seems to have more of a gold color to it. It looks good with most lenses, but some lens colors may not be as compatible.
Igor -
I have m-frame rootbeer/gold iridium polarized and it looks amazingly beautiful. I think that it's a perfect combination of frame and lens colours.
Ed -
The name says it all... a matte translucent dark brown color that looks like... well, rootbeer. The matte finish can make this color look almost like matte black in flat light. In fact, the brown color really only shows when light shines through the frame.
LEX7 -
I have this on the EJ 3.0 and it looks like a glass of coke when you hold it up to the light. i like it alot, its not as fun as most frame colours but it makes a nice change.
this is one of the crystal frames, which ofcourse look great in the sun and goes great with the GI lens.
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