Family: Sport
Date: May 1999

To maintain visual clarity in a world of performance-sinking distortion, we seared optics in an acid bath of innovation. XYZ Optics™ lens geometry comes in five interchangeable lens shapes. The hinged frame offers the comfort of a perfect three-point fit. In the domain of athletics, generic accessory has now become vital equipment.

Frame: Polished White
Lens: Jade

Once again, Oakley continues to release an iconic piece in new colorways. Their latest rendition: the Polished White/Jade Iridium New M Frame. As always, the three point fit and Polaric Ellipsoid Lens Geometry need little or no introduction to those of us who have been fanatics over the years. But the introduction of Jade Iridium provides a fresh perspective on a more than double-decade product.

Excellent execution, perfect fit, and beautifully functional Jade Iridium (as opposed to its limited-use G26 counterpart)... What more could you ask?

Schulze -
Frame: Carbon Fiber and Red
Lens: Black Iridium

These are the most durable sunglasses I own, the frames even surviving a face plant in a bicycle race. I've probably worn them every day since the new M-frame came out. The hinges are getting a little loose, but all is well. They're a VAST improvement over the old style M-frame.

My only problem is that they touch my eyebrows and channel the sweat directly onto the lenses. It would be another big improvement if O designed a thinner frame but just as strong.
damyster -
Frame: New Blue
Lens: +Red Iridium (sweep), H.I Yellow (hybrid)

Great for cycling and golfing - lightweight and comfortable. These are the benchmark when it comes to sports glasses and I love 'em.

Got the H.I yellow lens for bad weather cycling and they are superb.

Not a pair of sunglasses for casual occasions but that isn't the intended use anyway!!
jumpman73 -
Frame: New Blue
Lens: Clear Vented

This is really nice to wear with little sunlight. I use these when the sun is almost set and it is still really hot. I rode a lot over in the North San Joaquin area and it stays in the 90's till about 9pm. So the vented were nice to keep some air coming through but enough protection so you don't get bugs in your eyes. Only problem with vented is if you wear contacts. Sometimes it would dry my eyes out.
jumpman73 -
Frame: New Blue
Lens: +Red Iridium

I really love this combo with the lens and frame color. The eye coverage is excellent. I use these for cycling. In the country where there are a lot of bugs present, your eyes will be well protected. Sometimes at the end of the ride you got to wipe the bugs off. Pretty gross.
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