Family: Posters
Date: 2004

40" x 27"
40" x 27"

Rick -
Gretchen is bitchin'. She is a great ambassador for women's snowboarding and Oakley. Perfect fit. It doesn't hurt that she's easy on the eyes either. She did a brief promotional appearance at Oakley Japan HQ in Tokyo - I was sorry I couldn't make it. Oh yeah, cool posters too.
Munkfish -
Lovely posters, I have both. Definitely worth getting!
american image -
This is the "old "poster of Gretchen , it was very nice , ( gretchen is very nice too ) i like the fact that she is "staring "into the Halfpipe. i used this one as a computerbackround last winter
fitguy -
You guys are so lucky - we cant get the posters (to order) in the UK, and ive been after this one for ages.....
x-metalman -
Gretchen is just plain smokin' HOT!!
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