Family: Replacement Lenses

Black Iridium
Black Iridium Polarized
Fire Iridium
Fire Iridium Polarized
Gold Iridium
Ice Iridium
Ice Iridium Polarized

Farlius -
Color: +Red Iridium

In lieu of the hard to find old school Rubys these are a great addition to my already custom Straight Jackets. The Red hues look great with the custom red icon over shadow camo and they have a great contrast and clarity when you are actually looking threw them. Another easy Mod. Not hard to pop in or pop out.
Mike -
These were very nice lenses, But be warned if your Oakleys are discontinued like my Straight Jackets were you are S.O.L.. Once that happens it is like buying a new car then five years latter they stop making parts for it. And to keep customers they will kindly give you a $30 store credit for your $200 glasses.
I have several pairs of Oakleys, that said I will never purchase another pair again knowing that when I need parts latter down the road I will have to buy a new pair.
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