Family: Analog
Date: May 2004

It takes more than 16 million pounds of force to hammer high-grade stainless steel into submission. A 300-ton hydraulic ram blasts an ingot 27 times to create a cutting edge sculpture called Blade
Carbon Fiber
Sunburst Blue Dial
Sunburst White Dial
Brushed w/Red Rubber
Red Dial
Pink/Mother of pearl
Stealth Black
Stealth Black

ystian97 -
Stealth black / stealth black
Polished / Black

these are my first oakley watches...and im lovin' it. cant stop lookin at it. the design and built are solid and heavy. when im wearing it it looks like a centipede made of liquid metal and black ceramic wrapped on my wrist. For functionality, its just a basic watch..its in the design and built where it screams oakley.
a great addition to my oakley collection.
kevinsmith101 -

I have also had the bracelet break from the face but Oakley UK fixed it for a nomoinal fee.

Love this watch, have had it for a week and people keep asking if its for sale, friends, people in shops and even night club door men!
Its heavy and looks great both as a day to day watch and a dress watch.
Would love to give this a 5 but it did need repair and unfortunatly without my glasses is difficult to read in low light conditions due to the black on black non numeric face.
Farlius -
Frame: Stealth Black
Face: Stealth Black

Great time piece. Very conversational. Like it's Stealth Black Timebomb counterpart, it looks almost liquid or see through in certain angles. The links are easily adjusted for your wrist size. Tends to hold 'grease' marks or fingerprints but everything rubs right off like it's got a hydrophobic coating. Heavy and sturdy. Well worth it if you can find one!
AtomicOrange35 -
This is my favorite watch. The carbon fiber looks awesome and it can take a beating like no other. I can not tell you how many times I have hit the face of the watch against stuff, but it still doesn't have a scratch.
JoeVRod -
Okay, my coworker has this watch and I ust had to get one too. But, as mentioned by others, the band is not Oakley quality. I have lost pins several times and nearly lost my watch. Time for a recall on the band Oakley.
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