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mudijamiel -
Oakley the most comfortable boots I've ever used, but it is very tough after a while of use it rips inside and outside. Design not very optimistic, compared with S.I boots.
prongATO -
First off, I've noticed Oakley's boots run a little big. I usually wear a size 14 but after trying on a size 13 assault boot at the vault store locally that's what I ordered from vault online. I am assuming that Oakley is discontinuing this model and its a shame. These boots have an abundant amount of leather. The very top and part of the tongue are some nylon material that lets your foot breathe. The leather spans the whole boot where it meets the sole. The boot has a rear "tongue" which makes it EXTREMELY comfortable. This boot almost seems like a hybrid of boot and athletic shoe. The tread pattern is extremely aggressive and grippy. The toe area has a re-enforced rubber cap which is just another added plus. Overall these boots are fantastic!

As of 2/22/2013 they are available on Oakley Vault for 65.00 which is a STEAL for this quality boot.
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