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Gus -
Frame: Jet Black
Lens: High Intensity Yellow

I have got disapointted with the Asian Fit version of Oakley Radar Path. I already have the regular fit and thought that the AF version would have a better fit on my face. Decided to order the AF Radar and when I finally received it I realized that the Regular fit still fits better. I am an asian person but I have a narrow face. So, the AF RAdar got a bit larger for me. Further more, the nosebombs does not give enough support on my nose. My advice is, if you are asian but do not have a squared or big head, go for the Regular Fit. The nosebombs wont be a problem as the regular fit also comes with an extra larger pair.
Hope to help future customers in their purchase decisions.
Imran -
Frame: True Carbon Fiber - SKU# 09-740J
Lens: Slate Iridium

The Radar Path Asian Fit True Carbon is my first pair of Oakley and I absolutely love it. Really worth my money. Comes stock with Slate Iridium lens. Its very comfortable and it fits my face perfectly, no slips whatsoever. Probably the most comfortable shades I've ever worn. The clarity of the lens is just fantastic, Oakley's HDO at its best! I use the Radar regularly for cycling as well as for daily use. The sleek look and the carbon printed frame turn heads as well cause it looks really attractive. And the interchangeable lenses is the best part so I won't get bored with the same lens all the time as I can change the lens to a different colored one anytime and its very simple to remove and install lenses. Currently using the Black Iridium lenses. As far as I know, I can't find any cons for my Radar so far. Thank you Oakley!!!
Mark -
Frame: Polished White = 09-721J
Lens: + Red Iridium

This baby is a beaut. Wanted to get something different for casual use since I used the other one extremely and shows signs of wear. First off, the icons I think would be the team red icon version. Its different than the red on the non-asian fit polarized counterpart that looks like ducati red, whereas this one looks like chrome-y red. A nice upgrade I think.

Anyhow, I'm a tad bit disappointed with the frame, even though it says asian fit, it is actually identical to the normal fit. I'm not sure if it's a mistake on this 1 pair or if all polished white of this version is like this. It is not asian fit and thus gets deducted 1 skull.

So, if anyone is looking for the regular fit with non polarized +red, give this one a shot. You will probably get a normal fit version too. Have to say I don't like the regular fit as its too tight around the temples, my asian fit jet black i can wear for hours without feeling the pressure at my temples.

Lookwise and everything else - 4 stars.
Mark -
Frame: Jet Black
Lens: Black Iridium Polarized

Oakley hit a HOME RUN with this one. This Asian Fit fits me really well. dont feel the pressure at my temples even after 5 hours, whereas the regular fit even putting it on is a bit uncomfortable. By far the best and most comfortable asian fit frame by Oakley.

The looks? its good enough to blend in for casual wear and gives superb unparalleled unobstructed view for sports and casual. The polarized is simply superb, second to none. I find myself using it while driving too.

Kudos Oakley. Well worth the money

no wonder in Le Tour De France, a lot of riders wearing Oakley are winning
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