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Aviator MN -
I simply love these sunglasses! Mine are the polarized black chrome style and I paid only $50 for them off Craigslist. I wear these whenever I go flying and they are perfectly comfortable and sturdy because of the metal construction. Plus, these are actually real Oakleys, not modern day cheap Luxoticca crap.
ShadyOak -
Frame: Polished Gold
Lens: VR28 Gold Iridium

These are possibly my favorite pair of Oakley's I've owned so far (out of around 35 pairs). The fit on me is great (after a little nose bomb tweeking) and the gold on gold is so over the top I just love it! The VR28 base is awesome as always, but the gold iridium is what makes this lens really pop. The lenses are big enough to provide great coverage and look like a proper aviator, but not so big as to look just stupid (like the crap Johny Knoxville wears). I also love how I can get these all the way back on my nose and my eye lashes don't touch. The square O icon is very clean looking, but in this application it's not as obvious it's an Oakley icon as in others. Either way, it's still cool. All round an amazing pair of shades :^)
Teddy -
Frame: Black Chrome
Lens: Polarized

Very nice. Badass look and fit was great. Polarization was awesone. Unfortunately, they got lifted so I have to go shopping again. Probably won't buy the Wardens again as they were just a tad bigger than I would ideally want.
8 O's and Counting -
Frame: Black Chrome
Lens: Black Iridium Polarized

As always, Oakley's Polarized lenses dominate. These glasses are a much more aggressive/intimidating version of the classic Aviator style. Appropriately named Warden, these glasses give you an "all-business" look and great eye protection. To boot, the mirror quality of the frame and lens adds to the cool factor.
BullyVW -
Frame: Silver
Lens: Grey
For quite some time, I had sworn by my Crosshair and Crosshair S's...never even giving the Wardens a second glance. The price was right on an auction, and I'm glad I bought these. With a larger orbital than the Crosshair, the Warden's fit is near perfect, the lenses give excellent coverage, and the style is classic and classy. I highly recommend these.
lionel -
Frame: Polished Gold
Lens: VR28 Gold Iridium

If you love aviator styled sunglasses, these are the ones for you. They fit really will and I have a larger head. The base on any VR28 lens is absolutely amazing and so soothing on the eyes. I have the stretch chrome wardens and these new square O ones are my new love. I've been wanting a pair of gold metal frame sunglasses and these are a perfect choice.
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