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flyer -
Titanium Matte Black, Custom cut Light +Red iridium.
Titanium Pewter, Custom cut Emerald.
Rx Pewter, VR28.
Silver, Fuze Chrome mirror polarized.
Light, Ti strong, fits w-i-d-e.
Artful rendering of Ti/C5 alloy.
Gets noticed, so, no hiding...
Barry -
Frame: wiretap
look on ebay you can often find them there
Bryan -
Frame: Titanium Pewter
Lens: Clear

I have Titanium silver, best edition of all Oakley. But how can i order this Pewter? anyone? how much? or Silver if pewter is not available. please reply if anyone there. want to have another one. =)
Jeff -
Frame: Wiretap Silver
Lens: Clear
Again Oakley outdid themselves. I found theses frames at my optical store who were selling them for almost nothing as they are no longer made and the store found them in the drawer of the display case.The wrap around style look great and give terrific peripheral vision. As someone else said they are sporty / aggresive looking.I love the look and others compliment me on my new glasses /new look.I wish I had found these years ago as I would have purchased them for Rx sunglasses too.
Mar -
Frame: Silver and Chrome (2 frames)
Lens: Clear

I got 2 titanium frames. The chrome one I used in 1 year time, then chroming starts to wear off. However I think its normal for that kind of finishing. The frame is very good. Finally after 2.5 years, my kid broke the frame so I sent it back to Oakley to claim the lifetime warranty, I pay only half the price (not bad). From Hong Kong I need to wait for 1 month for shipment to USA and back to HK. Highly Recommended.
Dave -
Frame: wiretap
Lens: clear
Wicked pair of glasses. Very comfortable to wear all day and terrific peripheral vision due to the wrap-around design.All my friends have been telling me how much the like my new glasses.These are top notch frames.
Mike -
Frame: Silver Wiretap
Lens: clear
I just got these glasses a few days ago.They are a great sporty / aggresive looking frame that fit my head perfectly.They are made for large faces with large bridged noses.I have received lots of nice compliments about my new Oakleys.I find that I have better peripheral vision due to the wrap-around design.If you can still find these frames (I had to look for a while) I would recommend them to anyone as they are 5 star in my mind.You will not regret your choice.Oakleys are worth every penny.
Frame: Wiretap rx
Lens: rx

used mine for almost 10 years, finally gave way.. and i'm not talking about the frame, the screw holding the lens broke. can be fixed but not sure if they can.

this frame took soo much abuse and it still can be fixed for new lenses.
vindicator -
Lens: Clear

The design on the wiretap is distinctly Oakley. The sculptured design, and the raised metal icon is definitely cutting edge.

The shape may not fit most face shapes, but I'm lucky it fits mine.

Thanks to Oakley, having "four eyes" may actually make you look cool.
Luis -
Frame: Pewter
Lens: Clear

Just got these about a week ago. Took a little getting used to b/c I'm not used to wrap-arounds. But it has been a very good frame so far. Fits my head perfectly. It also somehow give you better peripheral vision due to the wrap-around design. 5 stars! DUMBASS
adrian13 -
Frame: silver
Lens: clear
aggressive looking frames. i'm into my second pair now. strong frames v durable. nose pads a little far apart so i had to get them adjusted. otherwise the perfect frames for my large head.
Thomas -
Frame: Pewter
Lens: Prescription Ice

Recently being diagnosed with a (very light) prescription meant getting glasses and I loved the Oakley's I had bought years before, which made the prescription line the first place I looked. I went through the listing and found the wiretaps. While the website makes them 'look better' than they did in real life I was still impressed, and the price point on them is great compared to many similar Oakley frames.
These glasses are definitely built for someone with a larger/framed face. I have long thick hair and that makes up for the previously mentioned "spreading of the eyes" and actually looks quite good.
If you have long hair that frames your face like I do, or have the right facial structure these are a great model and their low price point (at least among the prescription frames) is a real bonus. Its a real 'hit or miss' sort of thing, so try them on if in doubt.
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