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Ian -
Frame: Glitter Gulch
Lens: Gold Iridium

These were a pair that I always aspired to, but I never got when they were available, due to me thinking they looked weird. Now that I've matured in my tastes, I kicked myself for missing the chance. I love these. They fit like an M-Frame, but give off a much cooler retro vibe. Glitter Gulch is an oddball colorway, it is like matte rootbeer with gold glitter, hence the name. A worthwhile buy.
SteinRogers -
Frame: Cobalt
Lens: Red Iridium

Enjoyed this so much that I owned both a Sleet/Black Iridium and a Cobalt/Red Iridium. Great for larger faces. Even though it's not an Asian pair, it's perfect for larger Asian faces too. Perfectly designed for sand volleyball, because they are well balanced and very light in weight, while blocking the sun from above and the sides.
banarno -
Frame: Sleet
Lens: Black Iridium

Excellent Zero for the larger face.
Virtually the same as a Zero 0.4 Squared Small except the lenses are slightly bigger.
Superb sports sunglass back in the day.

Tick -
Frame: Cobalt
Lens: + Red Iridium
As with all Zeros these are super light & comfy. Cobalt is a cool frame. Sort of a Blue cracked look to it & +Red is a great bright sun lens, sort of a Gray tint looking through them. The only thing is that if you're looking for coverage this style may be a little shallow. It's still a very good pair for sports Though & it looks good on.
american image -
Frame: glitter gulch
Lens: gold

this could easily be the funniest name in oakley history, but the glasses are great; lightweight, comfortable, and the gold lens is exactly color-coordinated !!
TekDragon -
Frame: Sleet
Lens: Black
I remember how amazed at how light and flexible these were when I first saw them. Plus I thought the "Hammerfang" earstems were really cool. These got a lot a wear and tear on them, so I replaced them with the Zero 0.4 squared small with the newer style earstems and now I just use these as a knock-around pair. Only Oakley nuts like us would have a $100 pair of knock-around glasses.
Tick -
Frame: Glitter Gulch
Lens: Gold Iridium
I'm really starting to warm up to this transitional stage Zero between the original & the 3rd gen. frame. Light as a feather with a lot of flexibility to fit all size heads. Can even be worn comfortably on the outside of your hat. I must get more of these!
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