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Current collection:
Oakley Bottlecap (Polished Black w/ ice iridium)

Oakley Flak Jacket (Jet Black w/ black iridium)

Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ (Matte White w/ jade Iridium Sweep)

Oakley M Frame (Crystal Red w/ positive red iridium Sweep)

Oakley M Frame (on the way)(Team red w/ Gold iridium Strike) (custom)

Oakley M Frame (Polished white w/ jade iridium)

Oakley Radar (Lemon Peel w/ Fire iridium vented Path) Bought 3 pairs.

Oakley Radarlock (Mark Cavendish signature series, Metallic Green w/ jade iridium vented / G40 iridium vented)

Oakley Splice (FMJ Crystal Black w/ Ice iridium)

Oakley Scar (Black w/ VR28 Blue Iridium, custom cut lenses by BriP)

Oakley E-wire Gen 2 (Gold w/ Gold iridium)

Oakley Felon MPH (Matte Black w/ grey)

Oakley Tightrope (Carbon w/ bronze iridium polarized)

Oakley Juliet (Plasma w/ ice iridium polarized)

Hails from Singapore.

Preferences: Sports range of eyewear, contrast lenses, the more Unobtanium the better, vintage models.

Current photo not up to date, will be updated when custom M-frame comes in.

First Oakley: BottleCap (Polished black w ice iridium), passed down from my Mom.

First Oakley Bought: Oakley Flak Jacket (Jet Black w Black Iridium)

Crown of the collection: Juliet (of course), in Plasma and Ice iridium polarized).

Favorite pair: Radar Path in Lemon Peel and Fire Iridium polarized; bought 2 pairs for me and my girlfriend.

My collection
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