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Hertfordshire, England
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Apr 20, 2009 6:12 PM

I have some of my collection up for sale-

Soviet Hijinx
Soviet Gasacan (torn the tab that locks the box shut)
Overthetop FMJ 5.56 with Black Irid (minor scratches on lenses)
Cisse Oil Drum Polished Black with Black Irid
O Rokr White with Grey and White iCombi
O Rokr repl lenses - Ti Clear, Bronze, G30 Titanium
Warden Polished Gold with VR28 Gold Irid (Stertch Trigger Arms)
Blade watch - Stealth Black bracelet with Red dial (custom)
Razor Blade Neon Yellow with Fire
Razor Blade polished white with G26
Chip Foose Gascan
SI Gascan Khaki with bronze (green and white US flag)
Troy Lee Gascan
Warden Brown Camo (Stretch Trigger Arms)
Original Frogskins Black with Bronze, and Rootbeer Bronze (tiny scratches and no boxes)
New Frogs Red with Grey, and Trevor Andrews glow in the dark with bronze
Zero 0.4 Sleet with Black (mint! only slight scratch on lens)
Gascan Dk Gey with Ruby Irid (red icons)
Gascan Repl lenses - Fire, Ice, Emerald

have pics of all items now, so please ask and i will send them on to you.

Open to offers all on all pieces, and will ship worldwide for the right price.

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