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Polished VR28 x 3

Juliet TiO2 / VR28 Black Iridium

Half X Carbon / Black Irid Pol

X Squared Plasma / Fire

Penny Polished Black Iridium

X metal xx

Juliet Infinite Hero

Half X, x metal with grey

X squared polished with OO red Iridium Polarized

Some of my favourites

Juliet polished w fire iridium polarized

Juliet plasma w ice iridium polarized

Romeo 24 w Gold Iridium And X-Metal XX 24k w Black iridium

Romeo 1

X squared plasma w ice iridium

My 24k Metals! Pure love!

Juliet carbon w jade iridium and x metal box

Nice colour match

Squared carbon/plasma w ruby iridium

Squared plasma /carbon w warm grey

X metal xx plasma w Ice iridium

X squared polished carbon w Black iridium polarized, yellow rubber

Madman Carbon w Prizm Daily Polarized




Camo Juliet

Camo X Squared

Badman Dark Carbon w Ruby Iridium

Madman Plasma w Fire iridium polarized

Romeo 2 Polished w Ice iridium

Ferrari Badman

Romeo x metal w Black iridium

Romeo BNIB


X Squared Kevin Van Dam Concept

X Squared polished w VR28 black iridium polarized

Romeo 1, polished w Black iridium

Leather Mars

X Squared plasma w fire iridium polarized

Runt decay Badman kit from DrChop

Rust decay Badman

Ducati XS

X men Juliet

Ferrari Madman

Romeo X Metal w Violet Iridium

Romeo 2 Plasma w Gold Iridium

Romeo 2 CarbonCarbon w Black Iridium

X Squared x metal w Ruby Iridium

Romeo 2 Polished w violet iridium

X Squared carbon w Torch Iridium

X metal xx x metal w Ruby Iridium

Ducati Juliet

X Squared plasma ice

Badman 24k w Black iridium polarized

X Squared Plasma w Fire iridium polarized

Romeo Titanium W Gold Iridium

Iron Man Badman

300 Badman

IH X Metal XX

24k Madman

Gary Scelzi Romeo 2

Ducati X Squared

Badman Red Digital Camo w Chrome Iridium Polarized

X Squared White w Ruby Iridium

Juliet carbon w black iridium

Badman Carbon w Ruby Iridium Polarized

Mars leather w matching box and accessories

Juliet Ducati carbon

Badman Carbon w Prizm Daily Polarized

Juliet Polished w Fire iridium polarized

X metal xx x metal w black iridium

X Squared X metal w Ruby Iridium

Romeo x metal w black iridium

Anodized Purple with violet Iridium and matching coin in cerakote

X Metal XX TiO2 w Torch Iridium

X Squared 24K makes me look gooood! ;-)

Juliet 24k

Emerald slate Ichiro
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