Jul 19, 2005 6:38 AM
Would it be possible to each have a ''space'' to list all the stuff we'd be willing to let go of in order to complete a trade to acquire a highly wanted item we don't have yet ? Cuz sure the FOR SALE section is pretty good, but I feel like it's not well organised, meaning someone will post that they have X to sell, or they WTB X, they'd be interested in money OR X item...then some people reply on the thread while some other people will only PM or e-mail them right away. With a feature for ''Stuff you MAY get rid of under certain circumstances'', kinda like same layout as the collection basically, it'd be a lot easier for everyone. That way, if you're looking for an item, instead of posting and waiting for people's reply, you just browse user after user's ''Stuff you MAY get rid of'' list and look for your item. If someone has what you want for sale or trade, THEN you can directly PM or e-mail them, make an offer, work out a deal.Sure there's that feature when you update your collection where you can choose whether or not you're willing to sell the item, but even if someone doesn't want to sell X for any money, maybe however you can get your hands on the prized item of your dreams if you have interesting and appealing ''equipment''.
Dann Thombs
Jul 19, 2005 5:10 PM
Well, I have this:


For each collection item you post, you can tag it as willing to be sold or traded, and that page lets you see them all.

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