Family: Replacement Lenses

OluvrNawlins -
Like O-xide one of my two has a ruby look, the other does not so I assume these are like the juliet lens, each batch is different. If you can find the earlier versions grab one, they are still around because I just got my "rubyish" one off of the bay, they seem to be easier to find than other lens in this darker tone.
o-xide -
Color: Blue Iridium
This is another head turner on the slopes. I like this lens on a pearl white frame. scraches easy as well plus may get residue in between the 2 ply lens. There is no way to clean it out.
o-xide -
Color: Fire Iridium
This one or at least mine has a ruby iridium look to it. Totally a head turner on the slopes. Scratches easy so always use appropriate cleaner.
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