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Dark Brown
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Alex -
These have to be the best shoes ever made, I've had a pair for the past 12 years and they are finally starting to wear out. So when I saw a new pair on eBay that just happened to be my size, I was willing to pay top dollar for them..
They are light and very comfortable and look good as well....
Kevinsmith101 -
Colour: Oatmeal

I was a little disappointed with this shoe the leather and build qaulity it good but they fail to inspire in the khaki colour.

This style with the ergonomically shaped sole makes them look and feel more of a golf shoe rather than an agressive looking trainer which i personally would prefer and although comfortable they just lack the spark of something unique that other oakley shoes can show they have.
slenut -
Colour: Oatmeal
My very first pair of Oakley shoes. Got them due to a brand name and wanted to see how they go. Got them back in 2003 and still have them, can still wear them. Really great for a night out on the town.
TSIcon8 -
Color: Dark Brown
Killer shoe. I love these but don't get much use out of them being brown and most of my wardrobe consists of black O shirts. Really nice looking though with a pair of jeans and a nice shirt though. Super sweet design, light-weight, and comfortable these shoes are def one of my favorites.
O-TasMiC -
Color: Brown
I got these from, they were the last size twelve available in any color so I had to get them. I have to say these shoes are awesome! They look great with the leather outer and the metal icons, and they are extremely comfortable. Although they look very similar to the Coil Over, I would have to rate these a step above, or an improvement to the Coil Over. Very nice shoes.
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