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Optimized ride tuned clipless plate, along with toe flex groove for all mountain use
Memory foam to ensure proper shape retention and all day comfort
High traction, vulcanized rubber outsole with superior water channeling tread design for wet and dry traction
3/4 length semi bootie allows for optimal secure fit while riding
Durable rubberized toe cap for added protection and durability
Black / Charcoal

Zero -
When you're a recreational MTB rider, be it on the streets or on the trail, you'd do a lot of walking as well as riding, and this is where Radar Lock shines through. A well designed regular Oakley shoes with cleats thrown in, and it doesn't feel like an afterthought at all. Efficient, reliable pedaling on various conditions and comfortable and stylish off-bike. Another product which made me love the company more. And the coolest name second only to 'Elite Special Forces Standard Issue Assault Boot'.
Plan-B -
Pro: Looks like a normal shoe.
Con: Heavy. Hot spots make it uncomfortable for long rides.

For the money, they're decent shoes. You can spend a hundred bucks and get a more dedicated mountain shoe but they may not be as versatile as these. They look like regular skate shoes since they're based of the old Radar shoes. If you have a road bike, you can use these also and not look too dorky if you stop at the local coffee shop.

Compared to other shoes I've checked out in stores, these are a bit on the heavy side. The cleat well isn't recessed as deep as I'd like either for a street-based shoe. Depending on the surface of the ground, you're always grinding your cleat.

The sole is a love it or hate it affair. It's a grippy rubber so on most terrain, you can walk around normally. But if you're hiking it up a hill, the street-based tread likes to slip.

The only thing I really dislike about these shoes are the hot spots. The toe cap isn't roomy enough and my pinky toes always feel like they've been in a vice on rides that last any more than 90 minutes or so. It's not so bad on cold days, but when it gets hot and your feet swell, they're miserable after just half an hour.
american image -
nice shoe , but a bit to heavy. fit and comfort a great. looks are same as the normal RADAR , which is excellent
conclusion ; must have
brooklyn -
Color: black

These are Oakleys first cycling shoe so I had to buy them. The sole is not as stiff as a traditional cycling shoe so there is some flex under hard pedaling. The shoe is intended for urban/downhill riders. I found them to be kind of tight and boxy but i think that is just the extra padding in the shoe. If you are looking for a clipless cycling shoe that you can walk in and you are a oakley fan I would buy them. Thats what i did!
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