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Jay_X_Bee -
Color: Black / Red.

Good shoe for MTB. That is maybe why there is now a lock version of it.
T -
Great shoe for everyday wear, great looks although somewhat subdued, comfortable. Too bad it was discontinued, I'd get another pair if I could... Have the black ones and wasn't such a fan of the light gray laces so re-laced them with black ones for a more stealthy look...
o-xide -
The design is too regular looking. It doesn't stand out Oakley. If it wasn't Oakley then I'd say its a nice shoe
Plan-B -
Pro: Looks sweet. Supreme comfort. Slips on and off without tying untying laces.
Con: Discontinued!

On a whim last year, I picked up a pair in Brown/New Khaki last year on Ebay. These are the absolute best shoes I've ever worn in my life. And I don't make that statement likely. Unlike my less than glowing review of the "Lock" version for clipless mountain biking, the standard version has none of the weaknesses. They have no hotspots. I get tons of compliments on these shoes. I don't think Oakley has made a better looking shoe. If there was a way I could find overstock of these shoes lying around in a warehouse somewhere, I'd easily buy a few more pairs to keep them as backups.
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