Family: Men Auto-Racing
Date: 2004

Formula one FIA approved professional grade racing footwear
Patented CarbonX Flame-Resistant lining outperforms all known standards on the NFPA 2112 flame Resistant Garments testing protocol
Self-Extinguishing split suede with durable mudguard of Synthetic Leather
High-Grip NBS Vulcanized Rubber Outsole, optimized for tactile response on race pedals
Black and Red
Blue and Grey

Zero -
When I first saw Oakley's racing footwear line in, I could"nt sleep that night. After a couple of years pimping my Toyota, trying to make it look like something from 'The Fast and the Furious', I never had the shoes to match. Now I have the entire line sans the Race Mid. The Race Boot embodies the best of all the models, the amazing sole, hi cut design, velcro straps, screaming logos and most of all - Carbon-X technology. The soles just feel natural on the pedals and makes for a more satisfying driving experience, or is it just me? Whatever the reason, they feel great! But they're not without it's cons. I believe these shoes were never intended to be walked or stood on for a long time. The lack of cushioning could cause pain on your heels after a couple of hours around the mall. So I employed insoles to address that problem. Now I've never tried exposing the material to direct fire. I guess I'll just trust Oakley that when I crash into a Petrol tanker, I'll be rest assured that I'll still have great-looking feet.
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Black & Red
At home at the racetrack but also a smart choice for the aspiring arsonist or drunken bonfire attendee.
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