Family: Arrays / Jackets
Date: 2002

G30 / Persimmon / Clear
Grey / Persimmon / Clear
Matte Black
Grey / G20 / Persimmon
Matte Rootbeer
Bronze / Persimmon / Clear

RavenwoodRanch -
Frame: SI Half Jacket
Lens: Grey/Persimmon/Clear
I use these for active duty Guard, i switch around between my M Frames and my FIVES, i use these and my FIVES the most. Ok To start lets say that the gripe is good the hold onto the face pretty well but in combat situations a head tie is needed for these, unless you shave your head everyday, the opening at the bottom where there is no frame is probably my fav feature it allows air to flow freely under the frames, however it is also a downside when there's a sand or dust storm, the only lenses i really use are the Persimmon's and the Clear, in desert terrain the Persimmons show there true colors and help you to stay focused while not having to worry about glare, the clears serve no purpose than to change out when at the range. Overall the glasses are good but a better pair could be designed for military work.

fin7 -
Frame: Black
Lens: Black / Persimmon / Clear
The first HJ purchase, Love the easy lens change.
The variety of replacement lenses is enough to keep most happy.
Currently liking the VR28 blue irid polarised.
Still trying to fit the lenses into the R2 though
O-TasMiC -
Frame: Black
Lens: G30/ Persimmon/ Clear
Great for running and golf
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