Family: Men Shorts


Dann -
Color: Rust
My Dad's first comment was "I have a pair of those. I've used them to pain my house over the years."

Yes, Oakley continues to push the boundary of style, this time by creating the most disturbing rusted out pattern imaginable. They didn't just stop at simple iron rust, as the pocket seems to have some copper oxidization. To top it all off, the whole side has a large screen print of the wavy skull.

They are very comfortable and light. Perfect for swimming (if it would ever get warm enough around here to do so). The one pocket doesn't allow for much storage, although it's not meant for that. I tend to use it as regular shorts though.

The laced tie works much better than the Compressor or Drain Short. There's no Velcro, and one pull on the ends of the laces tightens up the whole front, so no more re-lacing or tightening each set before you get to the top.

Very pricey, but very nice.
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