Family: Computer Bags
Date: 2009-2010

Buy an ordinary computer bag and you're locked into one mode of transport. This convertible bag adapts to your way of thinking. Wear it as a backpack or a shoulder bag, sling it cross-shoulder and head for your coffee shop blog, carry it like a business briefcase and make the boss think you actually worked last weekend. The padded Oakley AP Sandbag 2.0 holds a laptop up to 15 inch widescreen and an Adaptable Payload (AP) interface combines this bag with other duffels and packs. It's basically everything you need, every way you need it.

Foam-lined storage area for up to 15 inch widescreen laptop
Three modes of carrying: handle, messenger style, or backpack
Removable end pockets
External pockets with toggle closures and webbing for attachments
Interior organizer with mesh pockets, slot pockets and webbing loops
Comfortable foam-filled handle
Wide external slots with zip closures

13H x 16W x 5D (inches) / 33cm x 41cm x 13cm
Black Tiger Camo
Khaki Camo

Derpitty -
The AP Sandbag 2.0 is almost identical to the AP Computer bag with the exception of the strap. The AP Sandbag 2.0 is carried more like a backpack than it is like a messenger bag.

Pros: This bag looks good. It holds an awful lot despite its slim profile. The outer pockets are deceivingly roomy. There are a lot of different compartments on this bag. It works exceptionally well with a rolling bag as the back opens up to slide the bag onto your roller. The fabric is easy to keep clean. The strap is adjustable: it can be worn over either shoulder (a plus for those ambidextrous folks out there) and it can also be split to be worn over both shoulders like a backpack.

Cons: Isn't very functional nor does it live up to its AP namesake. Only the pockets on the sides are removable, as the pockets on the front are fixed to the bag. The edges wear quicker than they should. The bottom of the strap fastens to the backpack using sliding clips identical to the ones on the shoulder straps on the Kitchen Sink; given enough use, these straps will become loose and eventually slide off, even during use. With some minor customization, it is possible to fix them in place, but you won't be able to adjust the configuration of the straps.
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