Family: Misc
Date: 2004


Jaycee -
No more s***. All posts of this qulaity from now on
Ian -
It's an international USB charger. It works for the Thump/RAZRWire, my phone, an ipod, anything that works with USB charging. The price isn't much more than a regular wall charger, and it's got the O on it. You can justify owning this.
o-xide -
If I still travel a lot it would be great but now it's just a display
Thomas64 -
Color: Black
It's nice to have this charger, so you can recharge your Thump even when you're away from your computer. You can disconnect the cable from the adaptor, so you are basically getting an extra Oakley USB cable which is nice. It come with all kinds of plugs for different countries. And also you get a nice Oakley cloth bag to store your charger in. Must have if you travel alot.
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