Family: Analog
Date: October 2012

Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Yellow & Black
Stealth Black

Bought the yellow / black color way which in my opinion is the best-looking of the three. The design is definitely eye catching. The "D" shape bezel gives it unique feel and would definitely stand out among all the round shaped watches out there.
Logan M. -
This watch got a bad rap from the start. I am even ashamed to say that I judged it harshly just seeing the picture. It took me nearly a year to try one on and I did it just out of curiosity. Little did I know how quickly my attitude would change seeing it on my wrist and how EXTREMELY DIFFERENT this piece was from all the others.
I bought the Stainless Steel with a white face, and I must say it looks at SH*T TON different on your wrist than in a picture or on display. THIS WATCH is one BAD mother, and I love it. The color scheme makes it possible to wear it in EVERY situation. From a daily “beater” (as I have read some call it) to a corporate meeting, but you have to put one on before you say I’m wrong.
The design immediately SCREAMS Oakley when you are wearing it. That is what Oakley time pieces are when the Unobtainium hits the road right? That is why most of us invest in Oakley; because the design is ALWAYS second to none.
My suggestion is that Oakley hire hand or wrist models for their watches, because it is IMPOSSIBLE to make a decision on a hefty purchase without seeing what it MIGHT look like on your wrist.

Having something NO ONE else has is awesome, and FUSE BOX more than makes that possible.

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