Family: RX
Date: 2000

The most optically pure lens material on earth, PLUTONITE® filters out 100% of all UVA, UVB and UVC - and even the damaging rays of blue light up to 400nm
Comfort of lightweight C-5? alloy, a proprietary blend of five metal compounds
Ophthalmic-specific geometry for optimal range of prescription correction
Comfortable Three-Point Fit limits frame contact to the temples and the bridge of the nose
Soft UNOBTAINIUM® components increase grip with perspiration
High-modulus C-5? alloy
Available with Oakley Rx prescription lenses:
19 different lens color options, including clear lenses with anti-reflective coating
Improved contrast and tuned light transmission with IRIDIUM® lens coating
Minimized glare with technology that produces the best polarized lenses on the planet
Multi-focus visual correction with the most technically advanced progressive lenses on earth.
Brushed Thick
Dark Carbon
Dark Thick

Jerome -
Frame: A-Wire 2.0 Rx
Lens: 1.67 high Index Clear (Rx)

I have been wearing these EVERY DAY for 8 years now, and they are still going. Replaced rubber parts 2 times now with the little 14$ Oakley kit. They are awesome.

I'd like to change but they don't seem to make curved ones anymore in the Rx department, apart from the whiskey but they are too big for me (51 size is where it's at).

Best glasses ever.
Dan -
Frame: Dark Carbon 11-534

Love the glasses but the temple broke off. Didn't use them very often so thats's a big dissapointment
Jason -
Frame: light
Lens: clear
A true Oakley classic!!If it not broke don't fit it!! I love the way they look and they feel so comfortable. The fit is just perfect and they are in no way heavy to wear all day.I would recommend these puppies to anyone. I get lots of great comments about them.
oaklitaly -
Frame: Carbon
Lens: clear

My first pair of Oakley, I used them for more than 3 years and now they are broken in 2 parts.
Super style. For me, the best wire, ever.
DarkGrieverX -
Frame: Light
Lens: Clear

A really nice pair of RX glasses that I have been wearing almost fulltime for more than 2 years now. The field of view is pretty wide, and the frame itself is very sturdy (have survived numerous incidents of basketballs hitting face point blank with no damage done to the frame). My only pet peeves with the glasses revolves around little things like the nose + ear bombs (which I had to replace after a year of wear because the rubber was almost completely falling apart), and the lens themselves (which being prescription from Oakley, I expected to be less vulnerable to scratches, but were in fact no more impressive in that department than many other brands of "scratch-resistant" lenses like Nikon. All in all though, the glasses are a good choice if you plan on purchasing a stylish set of glasses which can probably be passed off as it's sunglass counterpart with colored lenses.
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