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thisguy -
The main storage for this bag is big. There are plenty of pockets on the outside to store anything you like. The padding on the shoulder straps is soft which makes this bag comfortable to wear.
Skot_Free -
My Quick review of the AP 3.0 is 2 huge thumbs up. I'm a big Oakley fan who's first bag was the very first Icon pack and my 2nd bag was The Kitchen Sink pack. The AP 3.0 stands between those 2 IMO and even surpasses The Kitchen sink in some areas. For example while the AP is smaller I can still fit quite a lot. My books, Notebook, Records, Etc. plus it has 2 side pockets, 2 pockets on the flaps plus one big compartment on the back of the front flap. The AP also has padded shoulder straps and Back for comfort. A few problems I had with the Kitchen Sink included: Zipper pull came off, Plastic Air hole cover Broke, rear Zipper for laptop compartment came off track. While these weren't deal breaking flaws, I chose to get the AP because of the limited number of Zippers that can break, plus Oakley durability and haven't been disappointed.
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