Family: Analog
Date: 2009

Stainless Steel Brushed
Stainless Steel Brushed
Stainless Steel Brushed
Stainless Steel Brushed
Stealth Black
Carbon Fiber / Yellow

Ian -
I finally pulled the trigger on the carbon fiber yellow version. It's on par with other Oakley watches in terms of quality. The face is about the same size as the Hollow Point. It weighs about the same, as well. It's bigger than the Time Tank/Minute Machine, and smaller than the Double Tap.

My only complaint is that the alarm is not intuitive. It has a separate dial that one would think would be the time of the alarm, but it seems as though it is to set the alarm however many hours and minutes ahead of the current time. As it stands, the alarm is not so much of an alarm as it is a count-down timer. Also, the alarm cannot be adjusted or set when the chronograph is being used.
rsuarez1982 -
Case: Stainless
Face: White
Bracelet: Unobtainium

This watch pleased me overall. This is one of Oakley's bulkier, heavier models. I would recommend that you have a little size on you to be able to pull this watch off. The weight is something that you easily get used to, though. Unlike others in the line up, it doesn't scream for attention, but you still get it. The 12 Gauge can be worn with whatever is in your closet. I honestly do not put the chronograph and tachymeter to much use, but I have used them and they do serve their intended purpose well. The watch does have a built in alarm which I do use.

I have the Unobtainium version, and there in lies my only complaint. It has to be CUT to size. There are many notches and you will easily find a median for your fit. As long as you don't blow up or drastically shrink in terms of body weight, you'll be fine.
Jay Ho -

Hot looking watch indeed. Caught my attention from the first glance. I bought it to use as a "beater" when I do not want to abuse my dress watches. So pretty to look at that I ended up buying a Crankcase to use as a beater. I can agree with the previous review that it is a classy watch but I have to question how much he actually dealt with the watch and how much use he had of it. I'm a huge Oakley fan but as a Swiss timepiece fan, I do spot imperfections with this offering.

The honest truth is that this is not a great watch. Nice looking, pretty good, but not GREAT. I got a deal on it using most of my credit card points so I can swallow the final price paid. I would've been very upset if I'd paid the $1400 list price. THIS IS NOT A $1400 WATCH!!!

Got the watch and was immediately impressed with the weight, face size and the strap. The stainless and carbon combo was really sick looking. The face is huge and it uses all the surface instead of wasting a lot of it like the Crankcase. The internal bezel was very nice and smooth to operate as well.

As I started playing with it to test the features, I began finding faults. The Second hand does not line up with the 12 o'clock marker. No matter how much I tried to reset it as instructed in the manual, it would not line up. I need precision so this continuosly drives me nuts. Tested the chrono and everything seemed to work. OK, maybe I can live with that damn second hand. About 15 minutes later, COMPLETE STOP!!!

I contacted Oakley for a resolution and they said to send it back in to them on my tab. NOT COOL. Considering the watch was only out of the box for 20 minutes and all the plastic proction stickers were still on. They said I had to send it in since it came through my credit card company. OK, whatever...

I describe the problems and sent it out the same day. They get the watch and tell me that the entire movement had to be swapped out. SERIOUSLY??? Who runs quality control? This is your top-of the line analog!!!

A month later I get the watch back and on the work invoice, it also listed the battery had to be replaced. Upon testing, the second hand still doesnt line up so I'm doubting the movement was ever changed. Have not seen another 12 Guage in person so can't even compare to see if mine has a defect or are they all like this.

Still an Oakly fan but I doubt I will purchase another timepiece from them. Sunglasses, goggles, certain apparel...nothing better. Electronics and watches, they are on the outside looking in.

cp -
wow! wicked!! just look at this bad boy! do you see what i see??
real class!
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