Family: Sport
Date: May 2009

Jade Iridium
Crystal Red
+Red Iridium
Matte White
Blue Iridium
Polished Black
40% +Red Iridium
Polished Black
G26 Iridium

Frank -
Frame: Retina Burn
Lens: Fire Iridium
I bought this colour combination additinally to the Anti-Freeze model of the XL Blades I already own. They are fantastic! I'm a triathlete and wear them while riding my bike. With the head down low the look ahead is not disturbed from the frame like it is with the normal Radar model. I will order the matte white version also. I love the Radar XL Blades. Highly recommended!
Ian -
Frame: Anti-Freeze
Lens: Jade Iridium

These were my first foray into the Radar line, and I have to say that I am impressed. I didn't think it would be possible to improve on the M Frame, but the addition of a hydrophobic coating and adding an "unloseable" nosepiece make these the best of the best.
MB -
Lens: Jade Iridium

The fit is the same as any regular radar, but the extra 7mm on the nosepiece makes much more of a difference than one would think. The top of the frame is completely out of sight when wearing these shades, providing the user with HUGE visual range. I have to say that the online photos of the Anti-Freeze frame do not do it justice - it legitimately looks radioactive in the sunlight. The jade lens looks great from the outside, it appears to fade to violet at the regions that are not facing you, which is a really cool effect. It would have been nice if Oakley had included a switchable nosepiece that would allow standard Radar lenses to fit in, though.
Hexesonxs -
Lens: Jade Iridium

If I could give this more than 5 skulls, I would. The frame color is out of this world. It's unlike anything I've seen on anything recent and it instantly grabs your attention. It picks up on even the slightest bit of light and appears to glow. The Jade Iridium looks incredible and its a very pleasing neutral tint that works great on bright days. All in all, I would highly recommend it.
The insider -
Lens:Jade iridium
Features a new iridium lens (same iridium as G26) in it has a grey base color instead of a violet base there for changing it from having severe contrast to a more user friendly lens with a gorgeous iridium coating. It will retail for $195 non polarized.

the insider.....:)
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