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Date: December 2008

Brown Smoke
Dark Bronze
Matte Black
Polished Black
Polished Black
Grey Polarized
Polished Rootbeer
Bronze Polarized
Polished Rootbeer
Dark Bronze
Polished White
Black Iridium

Okillah -
Frame: drums gen 2 polished black
Lens: black eridium...not original

Best oakleys to be released! I work security all over the world and these have traveled everywhere with me and have easily weathered the storm. I own all of gen two and working on gen 1. They are very difficult to find since they have been discon. If anyone knows where i can get them besides ebay the info woukd be greatly.appreciated. The only thing i would change is more polarized options on gen 2.
Toniclonic -
Frame: Polished Rootbeer
Lens: Tungsten Iridium Polarized
I own both the 1st gens and the 2nd. I still haven't made up my mind which one I like more. They both have their own unique styling. But the one thing I do like about the second is that the O on them seems to be a little bit more universally colored which allows any color frame to be paired with any lens.
Recklesstryg -
Frame: Black Ghost Text
Lens: Grey
I got these over the weekend because my gas cans where lost during a trip. I have been looking at the Oil Rigs since the first gen. I liked the first gen but I love the second generation. The new logo makes the design stand out more. I have had Oakleys for as long as I can remember and I still love the oval logo but times change. Another thing I like about them versus the first gen is that they are lighter, for their size they feel much lighter. You forget they are there.
Matt SG -
Frame: Polished Black
Lens: Grey

I managed to try on a pair of the Gen 2 ODs in an optical shop on a 1-day trip to a neigbouring country in the north. First look, and there is NO difference except for the new recessed outline of the "O" icon in the industrial earstems.

Already owning a polarized version of the Gen 1 ODs (ABIP version), that I was coincidentally wearing for the trip, I immediately noticed the O-matter used for the Gen 2 ODs was thinner, less robust compared my Gen 1. Also, it seemed that the front orbitals seemed to rake slightly more outward at the top of the frame, and inward at the bottom of the frame. So they also adjusted the fit a little.... is that it?

Frankly, I prefer my Gen 1s with their screaming loud chrome square "O" logo on the earstems. Anyone can and WILL know it's an Oakley a mile away. This, I don't like. And the material is thinner? What's the reason behind that? Are O-matter prices getting more expensive? If it's simply for weight reduction, I don't have a problem with my Gen 1 OD's weight, at all. It's not heavy, period. And fit doesn't feel any different from my Gen 1.

So, basically, a v1.5, which, IMHO doesn't really improve anything at all, unless you're all for that recessed "O" logo. But, to be fair, I'll judge it for what it's worth, and not based on Gen 1, so 3 skulls for this new revision. A waste of time revising, IMHO, Oakley.
oakdays -
Frame: any
Lens: any
This is one of the worst moves Oakley could have ever done with the OG Oil rig doing so well I cant believe they would change any thing on it, the OG Rig is by far in my top 5 this new one not im my remote 20
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