Family: Electronic
Date: February 2008

Introducing O ROKR Pro, the latest in Oakley’s and Motorola’s line of wearable wireless innovations. O ROKR Pro is
sports-specific eyewear that wirelessly streams digital music. And that’s just the start. O ROKR Pro lets you wirelessly
control the music. Just use the buttons on the frame to select songs on your Bluetooth® music-streaming mobile
phone or your portable music player (A small add-on Bluetooth adapter may be required). O ROKR Pro also offers
the convenience of hands-free wireless communication with a compatible mobile phone — which means it works like
a Bluetooth headset, except there’s nothing to clip on your ear. Best of all, O ROKR Pro integrates these technologies
with the world-class innovations of Oakley eyewear, including the patented performance of XYZ Optics®.
Polished Black (Australia)
Black Iridium
Polished Black (Brasil)
Black Iridium
Polished Black (Mexico)
Black Iridium
Polished Black (NA/EU)
Black Iridium
Polished White (Australia)
Blue Iridium
Polished White (Brasil)
Blue Iridium
Polished White (Mexico)
Blue Iridium
Polished White (NA/EU)
Blue Iridium
Polished White (XL)
+Red Iridium

Allan Gray -
Frame: Black
Lens: Multiple
I deliver new trucks for Volvo, Merc, and MAN. Totally reliable communication with my customers while on the move round Europe is vital. My Blackberry hooks up beautifully with the Oakley bluetooth and the earphone speakers puts the sound straight into both ears - no matter how noisy the cab environment. When the truck radio is boring or foreign language it is relaxing to have a huge selection of tracks/playlists to choose from on my phone with easy button contols on one leg of the Oakleys and similar buttons on the other leg for phone comms.
The eyeware options the Oakley system offers is unsurpassed. I fit the yellow lenses for night driving, also great for snow and fog. Clear lenses in changeable conditions or just resting up with a book and some relaxing jazz tunes at the end of the day settling down in the cab - but one touch of the comms button on the Oakleys and I'm quoting for some business 24/7. When the sun rises, well, polaroids, iridium whatever. No distortion on periphiral vision , UV protection etc. At the end of the day no eyestrain. This Oakley system is superb both for the safety requirements of long-distance driving in all weathers and the utterly reliable communications I require to keep my business successful.
ps I also pose on the beach!
combat engineer -
Frame: black
Lens: black & titanium clear

these things will last 4 hours of continuous play or 3 hours of talk time (i'm guessing the mic and bluetooth transmitter uses the juice). they're perfect for when I'm cycling or working at an event where instant and nonchalant communication is key. they fit well and I don't really need the rubber on the frame (I say rubber because I don't think they're using the true unobtanium on these things) and the sound is pretty loud and clear. sometimes when I have my phone/bluetooth source in my cargo pocket the signal will cut in and out as I walk but I think this might be a matter of my phones signal strength.

I also use these with the titanium clear lenses while i'm working indoors with machines. the earbuds can be heard well though i with they could seal out outside noises but thats going above and beyond the realistic expectations.

I give it a 4 because it works and performs extremely well but, look wise, doesn't quite have the full oakley statement. also made in Singapore because of a motorola clause
Celicagame -
Frame: Polished White (White Hot)
Lens: +red iridium XL

Picked these up for myself on my birthday. I've always wanted a pair but at first I didn't have a use for them. When I did have a need for them they were discontinued. So when they arrived in my store at an amazing price I wasn't passing it up. Took about an hour to charge and extremely easy to sync up to my iPhone. Battery life was pretty good, they lasted a little over 4 hours. That was non stop playing. They also did break up once in a while but never to the point where I was upset. I'm planning to pick up a set of clear or titanium clear lenses for those occasions when I'm indoors and don't want to take the off. Sound was good but I wish they were a little louder.
EclipseGT -
Frame: Black
Lens: Grey

Bought these to try out with the new iPhone 3gs. All I can say is another great Oakley product. The sound from the bluetooth headset is better than most bluetooth headsets I have tried. Only fall back is on the iPhone you cannot skip and reverse tracks with the sunglasses. Looking forward to buying some replacement lens's for customizing these.
YI -
Frame: Black
Lens: Black Iridium

I really was sceptical about this before hand, but at £100 it was a steal so I thought what the heck - verdict? It does the job, and does it reasonably well.
Took these babies with me to Tenerife. Yes I thought I'd look cool listening to some tunes while on the beech, going for a little jog and so forth, but then I took it up a step - quad biking in the dusty and rocky hills over looking Playa de las Americas, and climbing the dizzy heights of Mount Teide - the tunes kept me going when I could not, and considering I threw both dust and temperature at it and survived I am mighty impressed.
Only snag is that the bluetooth connection occasionally broke, even when the distance was from head to trouser pocket - but then again the only device connected to it was my N95 and the bluetooth transmitter on it isn't as strong as a dedicated iPod transmitter/other make? Either way, believe the hype - this thing works.

Oh yeah, it does look pretty damn fly as well.
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