Family: Sport
Date: March 2007

Crystal Black
Jet Black
Slate Iridium
Matte Black
Matte Brown Smoke
Bronze Polarized
Metallic Black
Metallic Blue
Black Iridium
Metallic Red
G20 Black Iridium
Tungsten Iridium
Polished Aluminum
G20 Black Iridium

Mark -
Frame: Jet Black
Lens: + Red Polarized

Custom. I managed to get a hold of this lens. Paid pretty high for it too. Have to say, Oakleys polarized is outstanding. Everything else becomes sub-par without it. The view through the lens is amazing. Its not so dark and works well in a lot of varying conditions. I have to say though that mine is not so blue-ish looking through it as shown on Oakley's website or that one particular article/interview that I read regarding this lens. The blue-ish part is just on the edges of the lens, a bit of a letdown as I think its even more superb with it. However, the part that has the blue-ish part inside, is the same part that the +Red changes to yellow/ orange on the outside. Fair trade-off if that's what it is. I'd prefer no blue at all if it means the outside is all red.

A lot of my friends buy the regular fit even though asian fit suits them better, but they all complain that there's not much variety with the lens. There's just too much G20 for asian fit that it seems Oakley is just offloading their unsold stocks to us asians. Oakley, if you're listening, it would be appreciated if you can provide the rare lens for the asian fit radars, such as this + Red Polarized and Blue Iridium. The Slate Iridium though is much welcomed. And oh, in Path versions please. Some of my friends buy the white chrome with blue iridium path because the asian fit version has the not so desirable g20. Sorry Oakley, but the tactics not working. Might as well change it to Blue Iridium so that with more sales, you get more exposure for the asian fit frames.

This Pitch version is okay but I prefer Path and since those are hard-to-get and killer prices on eBay, this will have to do.

All-in-all, Oakley's polarized are the best, and more so with unobstucted viewing possible with Radar. 5 stars
Michael -
Frame: Jet Black
Lens: Slate Iridium

Very comfortable. It fits my wide Asian face well; nevertheless, it still touches my cheeks when I smile. The frame is well-built and seems very durable.

The big nose pieces, though soft and flexible, provide a great support. After wore them 4 hours straight, they do not hurt my nose one bit! But they're somehow obstruct my view a little bit when I try to look down and focus on something on the floor.

The lens are great and provide enough protection for a sunny day (not meant for a sunniest day though.)

Overall, the comfortable pair of sunglasses I'll wear everyday!
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