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Date: March 2007


John Doe -
Frame: Plasma
Lens: VR50 to Brown Transition

Small correction the lenses i had was in fact the VR50 to Brown Transition found the damn box
John Doe -
Frame: Plasma
Lens: VR28 Gold Iridium

Matt SG… Just a quick comment, The reason Black/Black does not go with civilian clothes is because of the Black/Black.. My Plasma with Black iridium was the party boy of the bunch I felt it went with any attire I chose.. or it might just be us Black and white are neutral colours they should go with everything..

I search long for a pair of sun glasses that I could use when I felt like it, this was particularly difficult as one of those time would be when I am commuting or just riding. I ride a motorcycle, that was one of the reasons I really had problems locating a pair of glasses I would be happy with, that looked good and lastly fit snug and tight in the helmet when driving.

These were them till I lost it. After that because of the price tag I did not go back to the Oakley’s I shopped again and found a pair of Polaroid’s they did not make impact I wanted.. Being a lot cheaper I still wear them but not whilst riding….

These days I am looking to buy another pair of Flak jackets white with fire iridium lenses as they are also somewhat good in clearing vision at night especially since Oakley introduced the high definition optics it darkens out the night just a little but it also brightens any light available and for some un explained reason the lines on the road is clear always good to see when on a bike considering every person driving a car feels it is their duty to blind everybody riding a bike because we ride with our bright on for the simple reason that we need to make ourselves as visible as possible…

Have not had a problem using my brothers Juliet’s with the fire iridium lenses apart from the fit in the helmet and the fact that it jumps around being very heavy.

I can’t wait for the finances to be that little better to allow for that small amount of extra spending money. Next pair polished white with the normal iridium black and a extra pair of Fire Iridium polarised just because the case holds the glasses with its installed lenses and two additional lenses… If I can hold on this pair long enough I will even get a clear polarised pair of lenses.

Hopefully soon

I will always stay with Oakley and possible start a collection of glasses and lenses who know “they just tick all the boxes.
Redline -
Frame: True carbon fiber
Lens: slate iridium

This pair is a great fit for asian faces and yes the frame is different than the regular flak jackets. The bridge where the nose pieces are is not as wide apart like on the regular one. To know you have a true asian fit frame look for the letter "J" in the model number. Better than the half jackets too.
Jon -
Frame: Metallic Red \ Jet Black
Lens: Pol. VR28 Black \ Pol. Ice Iridium

These beat my Half Jacket's by a long shot. I was extremely skeptical because I was in love with my Half Jackets. I never bothered trying these, but I'm sure glad I did. The Metallic Red actually isn't Asian Fit. I just got large nose pads for it and it fit perfectly. The Jet Black is an Asian Fit version, and it too fits me perfectly. In all honesty, even though the frame shape is different, they feel the same. These are amazing. I would recommend grabbing a pair. By the way, Polarized VR28 Black is probably the best lens out there. I actually use it instead of the Ice. That's how much I like them.
biogon -
Frame: Jet Black
Lens: Black Iridium

My profile: Light running (4-6 miles/day) and casual outdoor wear. I have a fairly normal Asian face.

I've been looking for a set of shades to fit my Asian face for a while, but nothing seems to work. Even the Julbo Race and their "adjustable multipoint" setup didn't work exactly right -- after cranking the nosepiece all the way back, I got pretty much no contact with the top of the parabolic arc and my nose, and they jiggled around terribly.

While the normal Jackets and Square Os fit Asian faces really poorly, the Asian Fit Flak Jacket was unfortunately not the holy grail.

It still doesn't exactly fit perfectly -- my eyelashes still seem to oil up the inside of the lens, the whole frame bounces a little while I run, and when they're pushed up tight, I still don't get enough air flowing around to prevent steaming up on the inside after I warm up.

I would like to see a Flak Jacket with less base curve on the lens, more "bowing" on the temples, and an even steeper/narrower/taller nosepiece. I think that would provide a much better fit.

That having been said, a LOT better than the normal fit sunglasses by Oakley and all other manufacturers I've tried, including Julbo, Ray-Ban, Bolle, and Smith. The worst was trying to run in a pair of Canteens! My next shot is going to be Rudy Projects with all the adjustability.
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