Family: O Matter

Ian -
Once again, a pair that I bought just for the uniquely awesome color. The splotches are much, much larger than shown in pictures. In pictures, they look like tiny flakes. In person, they are the size of the head of a pin or larger.
Matt SG -
I've got the Hijinx and it seems it's the only model that has this frame option. Very retro, harkens back to the '80s where there were tees that had paint splashes all over. My Hijinx has custom black iridium lenses, which makes it even more retro-looking (a la aviator shades with their big size).

Although it's supposed to be a print, the micro-splashes of paint on the frame are actually real splashes of green and white paint. It's definitely not a print cos I tested and tried scraping a bit off a large splash of white paint and it came off a little, like real paint (ie: not part of the frame as a printed graphic).

A way cool and unique colorway in my book.
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