Family: Arrays / Jackets
Date: March 2007

Jet Black
Gold Iridium / Persimmon / G30

steveo -
Frame: Jet Black
Lens: G30 Irid, Gold Irid and Persimmon

Got this to replace a pair of 0.4 that were stolen. Outstanding package and lenses are pretty easy to swap out once you figure it out. A little nervous that one day the o-matter frame will break from all the stretching around the lenses, but so far it has held up well. Persimmon is perfect for low-light driving conditions. G30 is great for actually golfing, and the gold is my high-light lens. Nice selection of accessory lenses for this frame as well--I also picked up a set of Ice Iridium and +red to round out the package. Only complaint was that the array case could be better designed. The spare lenses stay in fine, but the slot for the glasses isn't very secure and I always feel like I'm forcing the glasses into the slot (and for that reason have stopped using the case for the glasses).
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