Family: Arrays
Date: March 2007

BMX Chrome (Path)
Jade Iridium / +Red / Violet Iridium
Crystal Black (Path)
Black Iridium / G40
Crystal Black (Pitch)
Black Iridium / G40

Raymond Karlsson -
Frame:Radar any colour
Lens: Clear, Persimmon and Grey
I have the luxury (or madness) of owning most of the available Oakley Radar lenses. Standard, Iridium, Polarized,Photochromic and rx versions. However, check these three babies out! They cover most needs. At least one doesn't really need any other lenses if one match these with existing conditions. I have lots of confidence in window (clear), orange (persimmon) and "dark" (grey). Try between them in any possible condition! I should mention that I ride a lot of roadbike when using them. Have a lot of the latest tints (+ Red Iridium, VR 50 and G30) but I must say that I stick to the threesome above.
Raymond Karlsson -
Frame: Radar Crystal Black
Lens: G 40 and Black Iridium Path

Add a clear lens for night riding and you have a complete (road) bike riding combo. Oakley have a bunch of fantastic lens colours but these are fine combinations. Enough difference between them.
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