Family: Sport
Date: March 2007

Brown Smoke (Path Vented)
Tungsten Iridium
Brown Smoke (Pitch Vented)
Tungsten Iridium
Brown Smoke (Range Vented)
Tungsten Iridium
Jet Black (Path Vented)
G30 Iridium
Jet Black (Pitch Vented)
G30 Iridium
Jet Black (Range Vented)
G30 Iridium

RT -
Frame: Jet Black
Lens: G30 Iridium Path Vented

Quite simply, Oakley has done it again. Functionally, they're just about perfect. They are so light that you almost forget that they're there, and they grip so well, they won't fall off no matter what. I'd even feel secure wearing these kayaking. The lens provides a completely unobstructed field of view; the little post that connects the nose bombs to the frame do not block the view at all. The vents aren't a gimmick; they definitely add a bit of cooling flow to keep sweat at bay a bit. Also, even though the Path lens is the smallest of the three lens shapes in the Radar line, there's still minimal exposure.

Style-wise, I think these are the best looking single lens glasses I have ever seen. I think that's partly because of the nose bomb post: it looks almost like a dual lens set. The other contributing factor is Oakley's organic design language, which just works really well. It's a chunkier look than the M Frame, for sure, but I think it blows the M Frame away in style.

The G30 lens is solid compromise lens: it's only a 30% tint, so it's great for early morning and late afternoon/early evening or in partly cloudy/overcast days, but you're not going to kill your eyes if you're caught out with it mid day. It's kind of fun to look through this lens: everything look great, with excellent contrast and depth-of-field enhancement. The iridium coating darken the pink of the base lens just enough so it's not too flashy. The reflection is subtle; there's still some, but people can still see your eyes. Also, the hydrophobic coating is for real; water just rolls off, and these clean up real easy.

There are only two 'problems' I have with the Radar: (1) First, they're not available with enough lenses. Of course, they just came out, but I can't wait until I can pick up some really cool accessory lenses. Second, I don't know why they call these 'golf specific;' the vents makes it seem to me that these would be better suited to feel like they'd be better suited to active sports like running and biking than the solid lens would be, though I guess the defogging aspect makes it worthwhile for golf as well.

I really can't recommend these enough.
Patrick -
Frame: Polished Aluminium
Lens: Gold Iridium

What can I say. Just excellent. Colours work really well together. Radars are great. They're so cool. Very satisfied with what I got.
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