Family: RX
Date: Spring 2007

Black Chrome
Pewter / Polished Midnight
Polished Chocolate
Toast / Matte Black

Drew -
Frame: Pewter / Polished Midnight
Lens: Clear
Picked something different to please wife--several compliments. After dropping them, one lens will NOT stay in frame. Must have stretched the eyewire nylon loop. I expected at least one more year out of $500 pair of glasses. Store will not warrantee after 1 year.
Bows also wobble--even with screws fully tightened.
Would never buy non-full-frame again.
Nick -
Frame: Midnight blue/ Pewter
These are very comfortable and very lightweight but VERY BRITTLE fortunatly Oakley has covered my last 2 times. the black par that wraps your head broke off my last 2 pairs and i had to get them replaced.
Luke 911 -
Frame: Pewter / Polished Midnight/Clear
Lens: Clear.
Love the look, love the style, lightweight and classy with a "je ne sais koi" touch.
My wife wa snot thrilled in the store but loves it in our everyday life. Oakley Rocks again !
rma01816bhe/joiwel -
Frame: pewter/polished midnight
Lens: clear
a VERY comportable eyeglass, its looks me very good even my boyfriend partner told me, Its looks me so nice with this.... My collegues told me... a classic and stylish frame gives you more confident and smart.... I love this...
Sunny Wong -
Frame: Pewter / Polished Midnight/Clear
Lens: Clear
It's light weight and make me look more confidence and smart.
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