Family: Zero
Date: May 1999

So lightweight, you’ll think the name refers to gravity. We reengineered Zeros® with a sleeker, more aerodynamic sculpt that maps better to cranial contours. All three lens/frame configurations include larger Unobtainium® earsocks to enhance comfort and grip. The low-profile nosepiece and open-edge lenses unlock your range of view. XYZ OPTICS® lens geometry maintains peripheral clarity when the world blasts by in a high-velocity blur.
Black Iridium
+Red Iridium
FMJ Platinum
Gold Iridium
Gold Iridium

BriP -
Frame: Black
Lens: Black Iridium

Had these back in Highschool. Nothing special about these, and quite the plain jane next to all the other classic Zero's. Fit was loose, and I rolled over mine when i was cycling because they fell off my face. It survived with minimal scratches though, which was impressive. Also they looked abit awkward when worn(the high placement of stem-to-lens mount), and not having the classic oakley bug-eye look was a let down. These sort of try to be a zero whilst also being an M-frame, and ends up with the worst of both worlds.

They are light and strong, though.
Fastguy45 -
Frame: Cobalt
Lens: +red

As with all the New Zeros, the lens flexes much more easily than the frame, so no matter how large your head, the temples are still going to stick out a bit. They sat a bit far from my face, so I bought a spare nosepiece and cut down the rubber to a more manageable size. The +red is totally sweet as always. I really liked the small, elegant frame style and was disappointed with the large New Zero S type frames.
OluvrNawlins -
Frame: Cobalt
Lens: +Red Iridium

Ultra light, almost non existent when wearing, love the positive red lens color, dislike the gold trim on the lens and lack of frame around lens makes them seem flimsy. Fits larger heads well.Vault store find.
fin7 -
Frame: FMJ Platinum

Favourite wearable zeros for me, every bit Oakley without the "Completely out there" design. Very light and comfortable. Not too sure as to the durability of the frame, they seem flimsier than they probably are. Take good care nonetheless.
BrianJ1888 -
Frame: Black
Lens: Black Iridium

They're lighter than anything else I've got, save my Ti Maui's, but the fit isn't my favorite. They sit out way too far from my face to do much good blocking the sun.
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