Family: Replacement Lenses
Date: 2006

Amber Black Iridium Polarized
Black Iridium
Black Iridium Polarized
Black-Clear Gradient
Brown-Clear Gradient
Dark Grey
G30 Iridium
Titanium Iridium
VR28 Black Iridium
VR28 Black Iridium Polarized

Dwcfastrice -
amber black iridium polarized

This is one of my favorite combinations. The amber lens works great in partly cloudy to cloudy conditions. It's a bit harsh in full sunlight, at first. BUt you will get used to it after a while. It's very versatile and one of those "never take off" type lenses that you can use in a wide variety of conditions.
Dwcfastrice -
PUrached Ice Iridium lenses to replace the G30 lenses in wthe White/G30 I purchased from the the local Vault store.

The Ice Iridium lens makes the frames stand out and give these glasses more punch. It makes these more "unisex" vs. originally being girly looking with the G30 lens.

Ditto on the frames. I had to bend the frames to match the contour of the lens otherwise, the lenses would not fit properly.

Also, the screws need to be given a lot of car. They do tend to strip rather easily.

ONly 4 out of 5 becuase these really aren't that easy to swap in and out.
Dwcfastrice -
Purchased the Slate Iridium lenses to replace the lenses in the Pewter/Black Crosshairs that I bought out of the DE case at the local vault store.

Slate is a bit lighter in reflectiveness than Black iridium and the tint is a good general use tint. Withe the silver icons that came with these glasses, the Slate tint works better than the original lens.
laker-dynasty -
the Oakley Crosshair replacment lense set 13-576, this set is actually the Ti Iridium Polarized set. Just so people know. Great colored lenses, agree that the lenses are difficult to change.
Eddy -
The Crosshair frame (as well as all the other wires) is very suspetible to bending so I would advice against trying to swap lenses out yourself. If you REALLY must get it swapped take it to a dealer.
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