Family: Sport / Jackets
Date: Holiday 2005

Dark Grey
G30 Iridium
FMJ 5.56
G30 Iridium
FMJ Dark Chrome
G30 Persimmon
Jet Black
Black Persimmon to Grey Transition
Jet Black
G30 Iridium
New Blue
G30 Iridium
New Blue
VR28 Black Iridium
VR50 to Brown Transition
G30 Iridium

jumpman73 -
Frame: Pearl
Lens: VR50 to Brown Transition

This was my first experience with the Transitions lens. First off, the frame is beautiful. The Pearl is such a nice looking frame. I didn't like the rootbeer or brown earsocks or nose pads but it'll work. I guess it is consistent with the lens color. The frame itself is very comfortable and lightweight. The transition lens was pretty neat. I felt like it really adjust well to the light conditions, it wasn't too dark or to bright. It really hit the mark well. The only problem I thought was that it didn't change fast enough. Maybe it was a problem with these lenses but it seemed like it took about 5 minutes to actually change. On the other hand, when you use the UV light on it, the change happens a lot faster.
Bigjimb -
Frame: Dark Chrome (?)
Lens: G30 Persimmon

These bad boys are AWESOME. both in my cabinet and out on the street they stand out from all the other Oakleys i have seen in quite a long while. The Dark Chrome has a question mark as they are more of a copper/bronze colour compared to the other Dark Chromes i have seen, but this just adds to their bizarre appearence and serious coolness! have worn these for the last 2 days and had more stares than have ever had before, even when wearing my Pit Boss. People don't ever say anything, just stare at my face lol. i have a large face so whilst these are big, they don't look any bigger on me than my Pit Boss or my X Squared, so they don't look too ridiculous out in town. i think being 6 and a half foot tall, weighing 17 stone, and being covered in tattoos is the main reason i can carry them off, on someone a little more conventional looking i think they would stand out way too much! can't comment on the anti-fog features yet, but i imagine they will work pretty well, although the lense vents do compromise your peripheral vision a little until you are used to them. all round priceless sunnies, have been after some for years and have not been disappointed
O4life -
Frame: dark chrome
This pair is bad-ass you have to have guts to wear them kinda like the over the top or medusa, needless to say they turn heads
J Chu -
Frame: Dark Grey
Lens: G30 RX

LOVE these glasses. The G30 lens is a fantastic all around lens that can be used in many situations. The RX cost me a pretty penny but they were worth it. I use them for MTB as well as daily wear outdoor glasses. I have no problem with the hingeless design - they just go on top of my head since I always wear them the days I wear a baseball cap. Super comfortable. They do look a little dorky as street glasses but if you are fit looking you can probably get away with it
TomG -
Frame: Dark Grey
Lens: Vented G30

The only eyewear I use for riding. Frames look awesome, great finish, and lenses are great for most conditions. 2nd favourite in my Oakley collection. I have to admit, I even wear them out at times! I don't care if they look different!! Who wants to fit in!! Shame they have been finished.
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