Family: Military

Black (A Frame)
Black (Ballistic Goggle)

tb2000 -
This is great goggles, but the strap is too long to be used stand alone. It is designed to be used on helmet. It works great though, with my helmet, headset, Night vision, and A-frame! Keeping fog out of lens when we go inside of buildings. I just wish they made strap more adjustable.
OluvrNawlins -
Frame: Tan
Lens: Fire Iridium (both of them!)

Well since I have two of these, I should take a few seconds and add my review. Not much more I can say other than if your into rare and unusual Oakley stuff for your collection these are a must have. The engineering to come up with this is rather simple but ingenious at the same time. I do not have any real world experience due to the fact that we don't have any snowy slopes here and I can't justify taking several hundred dollar goggles out 4 wheeling or mudding to see how well the fan works but the idea is a great one has I am sure O did their research on this or, your "Uncle Sam" paid some lab a lot of money to develop this item. Again, a must have for that "Gotta have it" Oakley collector!
yoko -
Frame: Olive Drab
Lens: Clear

Hard to find since this is not available for civilian use. As with any military accessories, this is very expensive. Will cost around $400. The Assault A Frame goggle is the military/tactical version of Oakley's popular A Frame sports goggles.
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