Family: Soft Case
Date: 2005

Durable nylon webbing with Velcro

idealoakley -
Good idea from OAKLEY. I love the fact that it is compatible with the AP line. I am not impressed with the way you almost have to force your glasses into the case. If you want to put most small wires or fives in the case it should work. I find that I even have to use some force when puting my XX in this case. Still looks cool though and once glasses are inside it they are perfectly protected.
Pander -
Looks nice and easy to take with you on your belt. It's always hard to fit a normal case in your pants or something, so when you go on the road without a bag or something and you do wish to protect your glasses, this is the case for you! Too bad X-metals hardly fit. Penny's do, but Juliets become a little bit too snug in there, and Romeo's won't even go half way.
Jay_X_Bee -
Color: Black
Good case for storage X-metals. Fits to Oakley AP system (bags, vest, etc.).
Oakleyman24 -
This is one piece of Oakley AP gear you simply can't do without. It will hold a majority of they eyewear and is compatible with all the AP line and a few other bags, or on a belt. I recommend this to anyone who wants a fast deployment eyewear case minus the need for a separate carrying system. Awesome, as always!!!
Dwcfastrice -
One of the worse cases ever produced. The only reason it did not get a ZERO in my book is the AP design. The design LOOKS GREAT and that's what prompted me to buy one.

however, there is a major design flaw. Unlike the other "pouches" that you see on AP bags that have similar, double velcro loops, the "loop" that is supposed to attach this to your belt or other AP bags, etc. is only held together with a push snap. It takes very little force to open this strap (a flick of the finger) and have your protected glasses fall off your belt, or AP bag and be lost forever. I know because it happened to me at the Philadelphia airport only 2 weeks after getting these and a pair of OCP Crosshairs.

the opening is a bit small and getting Crosshairs into the case often bent the frames.

This is a cool display piece, but not a very functional piece.
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