Family: Sport
Date: 1986-Spring 1996


banarno -
Frame: Carbon Fiber
Lens: Black Iridium
Uses the same frame and earpieces etc as the Blade,but introduces a slightly smaller lens for smaller faces.
Interchangeable everything made these super popular to customize.

Bunker -
Frame: White
Lens: Gray
These were my first pair of oakleys. I saved my money from cutting grass to pick them up at the sunglass hut in the mall back in the 80's. The interchangeable arms and nose pad were cool.Very comfortable to wear. I still have them in great condition in the box and with the receipt and all the extra parts. One day I may break them out and sport them.
Frame: Splatter

They made several different colors of splatter. You could buy a kit with both the straight & trigger earpieces. There are the first generation with yellow, black & clear arms. Those have a teardrop type splatter pattern. The second generation has the orignal color top coated & then a sling type pattern with 2-3 different colors blended in. Fit perfectly in the freestyle bmx area around Rockville, MD during the mid-late eighties.
Frame: Jungle
Lens: Violet

The color is different from any other camo, jungle pattern. OAKLEY letters aren't painted on thye straight earpieces neither. They are legit though, because the box had jungle 03-222 on the factory bar code sticker. Did they make trigger arms also ?
kimberly -
Frame: All
Lens: All

Oakley had 3 different molds for the Blade years. If you look at several of the cross/main frame sections, you will see either a molded 1,2 or 3 in (3)circles. There may have been more than 3 versions, but one of them will have no patent numbers, the next two will have patent numbers, but in different spots. Now looking at the arm pieces, same thing goes. You will see no patent numbers on 1 set, the next 2 sets will have patent numbers, but in different spots. This is where the color mismatch & poor fitting come into play. The trigger arm pieces always fit poorly compared to the straight arms, because of the way Oakley molded the holes. The straight has a flat cut on it & the hole is in better alignment. The trigger arm pieces are always breaking, now you know why. I will tell you that keeping them out of the sunlight unless your wearing them, will save them from cracking. DONT PUT THEM ON YOUR DASHBOARD !
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