Mattia -
I've ordered a pair of RX Oakley, and I've received them in a couple of weeks. Great service and great communication.
Lygea, USA -
Very poor customer service. Ten days ago I placed an order for a ceratin type of goggles. After waiting and daily checking of the website if item has been shipped I read their shipping policy that they don't ship to non-EU nations. Anyway, they should have that indicated during checkout process. Okay, I cancelled my order. I placed a new order for the same item last night, 11/15/07, but this time had it shipped to France. So today I checked the website again to see when the item will be shipped, I was surprised that my order has been cancelled. They haven't sent me any form of communication as to why my order was cancelled. Buyers, take your business elsewhere.
fin7 -
Seven weeks and still waiting. No one to take calls, only answerphone. No response to emails. Never again.

Finally spoke to someone! said waiting on stock from Oakley USA. If out of stock why not let buyers know. Still getting interest on my cash. Will never use again.

Head Hunter -
Have been emailing few time to check the Romeo but no reply... poor service.
twjg78 -
The worst service I've ever had from an online retailer. I cancelled my last order in sheer frustration at their total inability to give decent service. Be warned!

Emailed them several times on different queries, no reply.

The new site - placed an order, confirmed, no response when I emailed several times to follow up. Eventually had the goods six weeks later. Not good service online.
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