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ray -
I have these grey lens on all of my Oakley frames that came with Black Iridium. B.I. is too dark for my taste. I wanted a subtle look that is not too flashy. These are perfect for that. They provide lots of sun protection in my opinion. Make no mistake, even though they are not as dark as B.I. they do make everything pretty dark.
Corey -
Good lens. Not to dark. Not to light. Just right for many conditions. Very versatile. Not flashy. Good enough for a very sunny day, but I don't feel the need to take them off right away at dusk. Highly under rated lens when you factor in usability. I think most lower ratings come from the fashion aspect. They aren't going to wow anybody with their looks. They are just plain, yet good versatile lenses.
ZooMaz -
A little boring to look at but i like it more than black iridium. The tint is lighter and i immediately feel more comfortable especially when you don't have to take it off going indoors.
Jon -
Not bad, but not amazing. Just plain and simple. Only lens option really for the retro styles, but it isn't terrible. Overall, pretty boring but does the job.
xtremehardy388 -
I have these in almost all of my US Standard issue glasses (M Frame, Fives 2.0...) and my girlfriend has them in her SI Flak Jackets. They're great lenses with no extra nonsense. They're cheaper and they offer great dimming in high sunlight.
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