Family: Posters
Date: 2004

27" x 40" (2002)
27" x 40" (2004)
40" x 27" (2005)

timyue -
ive got every lance poster from 1999-2005 and i think the best poster by far is the 2005 one

the poster is in a much higher qualiyt paper.. it seems metalic in a way..

the poster has images from each of the 6 oakley posters of lance armstrong made into a collage for the 2005 poster.

thus 2005 poster is liek a summary poster of all oakley lance posters.

the best

the 1999 and 2000 posters are the most valuable keep them for sure!
erol -
I have the one from 2004 with lance climbing up L`Alpe d`Huez. man, was that a great stage!
Great poster with a bit too much graphics. But boy does that poster just wanna make you go out and *push pedals*
A bit on the large side but i`m saving mine to be hung on the wall in my future appartment where i`ll have a bike-mechanic/beerdrinking/boysroom.
o-xide -
2001 promotional. Maybe very valuable one day so keep yours. I got mine in a metal frame. May not be the best looking poster but Ebay showcase it for around $40
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